Let us handle the “back office”

As wireless penetration grows beyond 100% in the U.S., Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have arisen to serve market niches with features and services overlooked or underserved by the “Big 4” mobile network operators. As a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) and Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA), Arterra Mobility has successfully launched over 40 MVNOs over the past 10 years.

We help our clients avoid a head-to-head battle with the “Big 4”, and instead work collaboratively with them to create award-winning services and accelerate their Time-To-Revenue. With a team built from industry veterans, Arterra’s expertise goes beyond typical BSS/OSS-focused MVNE’s.

We understand that in a business driven by scale, small operators must differentiate to succeed.  Having spent years delivering bespoke MVNE solutions for our clients; mobile policy controls, multi-page mobile wallets, mobile web filtering and location-based services are just a short list of the vast set of tools we can bring to bear when it comes to translating your vision into reality. 

Combining those tools with a focused launch team and leveraging a well developed Agile development methodology; we have a proven plan for minimizing your Time-To-Revenue.  Most importantly, we can do all of this for you at a fraction of the cost of developing it yourself. MVNO/MVNA Solutions launched by Arterra combine simplicity with exceptional differentiation. And it is all supported by world-class technical and operational service and support.


Arterra1The Agility Platform™ enables Arterra’s clients to deploy a cloud based custom wireless solution under their own brand with the minimum time-to-market, the lowest possible capital expenditure, and a cost of ownership structure based on your success. Our platform is built upon the latest cloud-based architecture, allowing it to scale seamlessly from 5,000 to over 5 million subscribers.

Arterra Mobility provides full wireless service lifecycle support, including product design, implementation, testing, deployment, service management and service optimization. The Agility Platform™ comprises a suite of services including: real-time rating and controls; data filtering; custom Web interfaces; CRM and customer self-care; distribution and payment support; multi-language customer care; and forward and reverse logistics.

Policy Management

Image: Arterra ReportArterra supports the evolving connected device market with a suite of services designed to enable differentiated features, data controls and sophisticated management and user interfaces.

Our clients gain access to unique and patented technology in mobile policy controls and mobile wallets. In this crowded wireless market, differentiation is the key to success. Arterra excels at designing and efficiently executing unique solutions and features that align with our clients’ needs.

Policy management can be accomplished in two ways – loading applications onto the device and building management capabilities into the network. Arterra is integrated with our carrier partners at the network level, enabling full data management capabilities, including data limits with alerting, filtering, metering and reporting.

Our platform contains a sophisticated account, device and policy management system – Daylight™ – with integrated management and user interfaces. Based on a hierarchical structure, accounts can be organized and configured with set permission levels. Data traffic and usage can then be monitored and reported at specified levels within the hierarchy using either established management templates or by creating custom reports.

Administrators can also establish custom data filters, usage limits and time of day parameters to solve unique access requirements; enabling new and profitable business models. Policy management and controls include URL, website category, protocol, and blacklist/whitelist capability.

M2M / IoT Solutions

Arterra has invested heavily in building a customizable platform that allows our partners to activate, monitor and manage devices across a broad range of business models, offering a holistic approach to exceeding customer requirements and enabling unique solutions to the myriad of challenges emerging in the M2M and IoT space. Our device-agnostic platform reduces costs to deploy devices and services and opens options to select the device that best meets your customers’ needs.

M2M solutions require flexible monitoring and alerting capabilities, real-time management functions, location-based services and custom reporting wizards. Our cloud-based solutions put the required tools in your hands to solve your customer’s needs, while driving down development costs and reducing the time it takes to launch your services and then rapidly adapt it to the ever-changing market.

Business Broadband

Business Broadband is Arterra’s managed, policy-controlled mobile broadband tailored for businesses. The cloud-based, easy-to-manage interface allows for no client-side applications or firmware upgrades and works with any PN-capable device—iPads, MiFis, routers, tablets, modules, etc.

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How Business Broadband Works