What is Business Broadband?

  • Managed, policy-controlled mobile broadband tailored for businesses
  • Cloud-based, easy-to-manage interface
  • Deployed today on the Four Major US Wireless Carriers
  • Requires no client-side applications or firmware upgrades
  • From the same team that brings you Education BroadbandTM by Kajeet
  • Thousands of proven customers
  • Works with any PN-capable device – iPads, MiFis, routers, tablets, modules, etc.

How Business Broadband Works

How Business Broadband Works

Customer Benefits

Allows Client to Self-Manage Services:

  • Data Limits and Monitoring
  • Device Assignment and Tracking
  • Usage alerts and reporting

Security Features:

  • In-line Security and IDS services protect devices and internal networks

Filtering Benefits:

  • Enable Mission Critical Access
  • Deny Inappropriate or Unnecessary Access
  • Improve Employee Productivity; Enable
  • More Employees
  • Reduce Costs
  • Detailed reporting down to each URL for each device

End-User Features:

  • Cloud Management Portal
  • Dynamic Web Filtering
  • Time of Day Policy
  • Data Usage Monitoring
  • Data Consumption Controls
  • Excessive Data Usage Alerts
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Pooled Usage
  • Checkout Software
  • Hierarchical Management

Case Studies

  • Home Healthcare workers; hospice organization in Iowa
  • Need for mobile connectivity to enter patient data, interact with medical information
  • Data is managed to ensure connectivity only to websites needed to manage the business
  • Reduces unnecessary usage and improves productivity
  • monthly cost/user went from $38 to $12

  • Delivery company in NYC; Field delivery personnel
  • Android tablets used for company app and GPS
  • Approximately 200 units deployed; average usage 1GB/month
  • Arterra filtering ensures productive use occurs
  • monthly cost/user reduced from $50 to $15, allowing customer to triple units deployed

Customer Pricing

Standard, Rack Rate Pricing:

Account Setup Charge: $500
Monthly MRC per device: $9.99
Price per MB: $13.99

Significant discounts available based on volume and term.For more information on Business Broadband, please click below.Contact us today!