A Purpose-Built Technology for MVNOs.

Everything you need to manage an MVNO, from back-office to e-commerce

The Arterra Mobility time-tested methodology for rapidly developing scalable MVNOs is made possible by proprietary technology that simplifies MVNO management. The Agility Platform is broadly capable software that enables customers to deploy cloud-based wireless solutions under their own brand name.

With more carrier integration and interface points than any other MVNE, the Agility Platform ensures an optimized customer experience and dependable system stability.


The platform provides at its core a best-in-class Operations/Business Support System (OSS/BSS). Ensuring that our MVNOs get the rate plans and structures they need to succeed in the marketplace. Agility's ability to provide flexible and adaptable rate plan models gives our customers a unique edge in this highly competitive market. Among the key functions covered by the core OSS/BSS capability include billing, reporting, fulfillment, and notifications, among others.


MVNO platforms are typically comprised of 10-15 interconnected systems (i.e. payment, taxation, logistics, device financing, etc.). Through the Agility Platform, our MVNO customers gain access to the Arterra Mobility-unique "Daylight Orchestration Layer," which coordinates all of the transactions between these disparate systems with configurable business logic. Complex processes such as forward and reverse logistics, that consider all of the various scenarios presented to customers (i.e. various configurations across SIMs, MDNs, devices, etc.). Our customers also access key business functions such as the product catalog, inventory management, and promotional engine within Daylight.


Through the Agility Platform's end-user interface, MVNOs are able to deliver a branded portal that allows subscribers to manage their own wireless accounts. This self-service model reduces friction points in the customer experience and gives customers the ability to activate new devices, change passwords, and review account usage metrics. This portal is customizable and additional functionality is often added. Through our eCommerce engine, MVNOs can offer a catalog of mobile devices and rate plans, allowing for online payments through this user interface.


The Agility Platform has over 180 externally-facing APIs and existing integrations with over 75 vendors, and our software development teams are able to develop and customize new integrations as needed to suit our customers' unique system architecture.

Arterra Billing Feed:​

  • Billing process starts and ends with external quad-play biller (e.g., subscriber authentication, bill presentation, collection, etc. ​
  • Arterra platform handles wireless-specific activities: network provisioning, feature codes, porting, roaming, usage metering, plan policies, notifications, IMEI-swap, SIM-swap, etc.​
  • Integrating with ICOMs today for another MSO for enterprise billing (Wireless Back Up)​