MVNO Solutions

From Zero to Sixty.

Full Lifecycle Wireless Network Development and Management

We help our clients avoid a head-to-head battle with the wireless industry's "Big 4", and instead work collaboratively with them to create award-winning services and accelerate their Time-To-Revenue. With a team built by wireless industry veterans, our expertise goes beyond typical BSS/OSS-focused MVNEs. Learn how Arterra Mobility takes on the design, technology, and carrier requirements that make it possible for our customers to deploy their own solutions with speed, efficiency, and confidence.

Since 2003, Arterra Mobility has been trusted as a partner in growth by category leaders looking to add and optimize wireless revenue streams. By establishing a branded Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business, companies bypass the significant costs and regulatory challenges associated with building a proprietary wireless network or buying one from an existing operator.

The Arterra Mobility time-tested methodology for rapidly developing scalable MVNOs is made possible by proprietary technology that simplifies MVNO management. The Agility Platform™ is a broadly capable software platform which enables customers to deploy cloud-based wireless solutions under their own brand name.
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With Arterra Mobility, companies can build, manage or provision a private and secure LTE network on any carrier, setting the stage for the next generation of network intelligence. As easily as deploying Wi-Fi, users can integrate with sensors, machines, people and vehicles.

MVNO is an ecosystem; not just a billing system.​

  • Arterra provides a full-scope solution, not just an OSS/BSS ​
  • Typical MVNO integrates 10-15 systems​
  • Arterra solution is a modular orchestration platform that integrates with over 75 third party service providers​
  • AgilityTM OSS/BSS core provides network provisioning, usage rating and mediation, invoicing and payment capture. ​
  • DaylightTM orchestration layer provides the interoperability platform that enables third-party solutions to integrate via flexible Rest APIs​
  • Code base of over 750k lines of code built upon Java and Oracle Enterprise​