For more than a decade, Arterra has partnered with leaders in the wireless industry to bring robust and differentiated solutions to the marketplace.  By partnering with these market leaders, Arterra provides reliable and scalable solutions with unique features found no other place in the market.


Who We Support

International Telecommunications Carriers


Conventional Telecom Services Go Wireless

Aggressive new entrants in the U.S. telecom and content space are shaking up the industry and threatening the loss of your company’s customer base.  The ‘Big 4’ are also aggressively working to win market share away from each other and conventional service providers.  Learning the rules of the wireless game as it disrupts conventional telecom services (landlines or single-threaded VoIP services) and content distribution takes time.

Rapid entrance into wireless services could change your company’s path.  As our partner, we will guide you through the process of launching a successful wireless service and integrating tightly with your existing services and platforms.

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Telecommunications & Content Providers

World Without BordersWireless Makes the World Borderless

The United States is a critical market for international mobile operators.  The opportunity is there to grow your customer base in-language in the U.S. marketplace in support of expats as they travel abroad, as well as serving communities in the U.S. who speak the same language.

By leveraging our investment in a platform to support differentiated wireless services, with such services as multi-language self-care platforms, we can help your company quickly expand to meet customer needs without an investment of extensive capital or maneuvering a new, large unfamiliar market and regulatory rules.

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Over-the-Top App Owners

App Owners

Rapidly Monetize your User Base

While U.S. wireless subscribers have become accustomed to paying high prices for monthly cellular service, Arterra understands there are ways to create a hybrid service to meet the needs of the consumer combining free Over-the-Top (OTT) apps with traditional cell service in a price-competitive way.

With our experience, we can guide you through the creation, launch and support of a hybrid OTT-wireless service to reach millions of consumers enabling your company to monetize your user base without an up-front capital investment.

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Government Agencies

Reduce Costs, Increase Time-on-Task

A robust mobile strategy is critical for any consumer company, but what is the strategy for your government agency?  Differentiation for wireless services is essential because your institution – whether local, state, or federal – is under intense pressure to keep costs down and employees on task.

Providing communications to government employees requires a unique approach with these goals:

  • Reducing data and voice costs
  • Keeping users on-task
  • Enabling specific work-related applications
  • Preventing use of taxpayer-funded services for personal use (e.g., YouTube, Netflix, etc.)
  • Reducing workplace litigation risks by filtering pornography and other inappropriate content
  • Providing tailored broadband services (e.g., “Education Broadband”) to specific constituencies in support of a clean public purpose.

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