Connected Mobile Devices

Security, Reliability, Affordability

IoT is expanding to more verticals every day, new use cases will require higher amounts of data, which will put a lot of the current “low Bandwidth” IoT service providers to the test. Customers who deploy hundreds and thousands of connected devices will want to control and manage these devices, along with the data is being consumed for increased security, reliability, and affordability.

Security: Hackers are designing malware to be more sophisticated than ever. Zero day attacks and advanced malware easily slip by antivirus solutions that are simply too slow to respond to the constant stream of emerging threats. Our security suite is a powerful collection of advanced malware defense tools that correlate threat indicators from our platforms to stop known, unknown and evasive malware threats—security from the network to the endpoint.

Reliability: The Sentinel® cloud portal analyzes and categorizes millions of new URLs to provide better customization options and visibility for administrators.

Affordability: Most providers sell customers data as a monthly recurring plan that includes a limited bucket of data per line. Overage and breakage are the name of the game. Service providers count on customers exceeding their buckets, so they pay overage, or hope that they don’t use the allotted data bucket, so they can pocket the unused data the customer paid for but didn’t use. To makes matters worse, these customers have zero visibility into what their data plans were used for.

We help companies control devices, minimize costs, and control data usage.


Sentinel Solution:

  • Trusted Total Solution. Our solution is a complete connectivity package including: hardware, data plans, multiple LTE networks, cloud management portal, security suite and customer support.
  • On Task Data. Our solution provides content filtering, creating a distraction-free IoT solution. Customers have access to a convenient reporting and analytics dashboard that allows them to be in the driver seat when it comes to what data is being consumed, when the data is being consumed, and who consumed the data.
  • Three dimensional data. Data is shared across any device, over a period of time (usually 12 months) and across all 4 major US carriers.
  • Expansive Network. Customers may choose one or a combination of the four leading US wireless networks for coverage.
  • Client First. Our solution goes beyond providing simple access and data lines. We provide personable customer service and account management for any of your needs. We work with you to successfully launch your program along with administering routine program status checks to ensure data waste is minimal, goals are achieved, and your program is a success. We are an extension of your team.