About Us

Combining industry expertise and breakthrough technology to develop scalable wireless networks

An Agile Partner for Sustained Success.

In 2003, wireless industry veterans Daniel Neal and Ben Weintraub launched Arterra Mobility around the Agility Platform's groundbreaking technology that made it easier than ever to develop robust, scalable, and dependable MVNO networks. Recognizing a growing wireless gap for customers in the telecommunication, internet service, and television sectors, Arterra Mobility's value proposition is centered on its capability to provide companies of all sizes with a differentiated portfolio of wireless service offerings.
In order to make our customers' "quad play" vision a reality, we have invested over $50 million to develop the Agility Platform into a highly sophisticated and scalable carrier-grade network-based policy, control, and operational support platform for a wide range of mobile services and devices.

The last 15 years have seen some of the most groundbreaking technological developments in the wireless industry's history. Today, we prepare our customers for the next generation of mobile business and continue to invest into R&D resources as our technology team develops forward-looking solutions such as those that need to rely on tightly integrated WiFi, CBRS, 4G, and 5G networks.

Arterra Mobility is committed to partnering with customers throughout their journey in integrating wireless solutions into their business models

By hosting some wireless infrastructure, MSO's can reduce MVNO operating costs and bring a valuable service to their customers. Part of the wireless future may also include private LTE networks - for venues, enterprise, and state/local/fed government facilities. As wireless and devices proliferate, a part of the ecosystem unfamiliar to MSO's is end-user devices, device management, and data-policy management. Arterra is trying to merge all of these networks and all service providers (MSO) to provide seamless wireless/wireline services to their clients.

The Arterra Mobility executive team represent decades of wireless industry expertise. Learn more about the core members of our leadership team here.

The MVNO business model is a unique differentiator in a crowded marketplace that becomes more competitive every year. We are proud to be trusted by some of the world's largest cable companies to complete the wireless portion of their "quad play" offering, while also helping to develop MVNOs for smaller MSOs to remain competitively viable in their own markets. Sometimes, our customers don't need an MVNO and instead rely on our technology and expertise to develop custom wireless solutions to deliver reliable internet connectivity for field support staff and rules-based data and internet usage policy management for purpose-built networks. We're happy to share specific customer success stories, please get in touch here.